Chain Stitched Klimt Rugs

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Our range of Chain Stitched Klimt Rugs offers an exquisite design of chain-stitch needlepoint embroidery that is widely inspired by the works of modern artist like Joan Mir. These Chain Stitched Klimt Rugs are available in wonderful designs, colors and patterns to suit the requirements of the clients. Chain Stitched Klimt Rugs can make an excellent wall art and are used for accessorizing the floors of any bedroom, lobby or wall. Our Chain Stitched Klimt Rugs are available in viscose silk embroidery and also inspired by the patent pictures of Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt and his companion Emilie Louise Flage. The kiss, Stoclet Frieze (Tree Of Life) is the most common pictures of Gustav Klimt, which we have transformed in our Chain Stitched Klimt Rugs.